Thursday, February 08, 2007

Baby , Its Cold Inside

Cooksove to the rescue

So I am sitting here in my coat. We heat our old farmhouse with a forced hot air oil fired furnace, supplemented by the Bengal Blue Jet cookstove that we have in the kitchen. Well the furnace started blowing fuses the day before yesterday, but it was infrequent enough to allow me to figure out what the problem was very quickly. It was only killing about 2 or 3 fuses a day, and the furnace comes on pretty frequently in the 10 degree high weather we have been having. Finally, yesterday afternoon at about 2:30 I determined that the motor that runs the blower was burning out. The replacement motor is about 45 minutes from here in Scranton. I had to wait for a kid to get off the bus at 3:30, but I figured if all the stars aligned that we could make it by 4:30 when the motor shop shuts its door for the night, but the stars didn't align. We got into the minivan, I turned the key and nothing happened. After a little investigation and a lot of help from Davey at NAPA I was able determine that the problem was that the key cylinder had given up the fight.

So today we will be borrowing a car, going to Tunkhannock for a replacement key cylinder, then on to Scranton for a replacement blower motor, constellations willing.

It is about 45 degrees in here, which is really pretty impressive when you think about it being 0 degrees over night and the only heat is the Bengal, which is in the kitchen, which is not central to the house.


Anonymous Rob said...

Amazing how one job turns into a dozen. One of my well pipes burst from a freeze. When fixed I found that the pressure tank needed a new bladder. When fixed I found that the check valve at the bottom of the well had gone bad. Haven’t fixed that yet but I suppose the well pump will go bad when I do.

Enjoying your blog Peter. Found my way here from Sugar Mountain Farm.

2/16/2007 09:43:00 PM  
Anonymous leif said...

Ah, farming, the carefree life, communing with nature.....

2/18/2007 11:55:00 AM  

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