Tuesday, November 07, 2006

While You Were Out

I notice it has been more than a month since I last posted. My only excuse is that I've been busy. I have been building fence on the farm across the road so that I can get the cows over there to clean up the rest of the grass we have available. I wanted the perimeter of the fence to be pretty solid so I don't have to spend a lot of time chasing cows and repairing neighbors lawns. At the same time I need to consider the needs of the Springville Township snow plow truck drivers. The road that runs to the house on that farm drifts terribly in the winter and the township often needs to plow the snow back into the fields quite a way. I also had to get the telephone company to mark their underground cable so that I didn't cut it in two with a fence post.

Drake and I began putting a new metal roof on Seamus' Mansion. More about that later.

In between all of that I have been trying to get some work done on the store. The big dream is to have it far enough along to be able to process the turkeys in there two weeks from today. Extremely cold weather last turkey butchering day was the inspiration for this store


Blogger Juli said...

Great to see an update!

11/08/2006 10:46:00 PM  
Blogger Nammy said...

So, THAT'S what you have been up to! Really looking great, Pete.

11/09/2006 07:13:00 PM  

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