Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Belated Thanksgiving Post

Me and Seamus (left) herding turkeys in the dark the night before. Photo courtesy of Adam Kopman (The Butcher of Manhattan)

Two weeks ago today we processed all of the turkeys for Thanksgiving. We had 105 altogether.

It was a much different scene this year than last. Last year it was just Adam, Seamus, and Me to do 84 birds. This year we did 21 more, but we had tile hooligans Don and Justin Lee on board as well. The extra help made the operation run like a well oiled machine. Nobody ended the day feeling like a galley slave. We also had nicer weather this year. We were done and cleaned up in time and got all the turkeys bagged up and out on a big table with the weights marked on them so that everyone had the best chance of getting a turkey close to the size they wanted.

Incedentally, the one useful piece of information I got from the media sponsored bird flu panic was a tip on herding turkeys. They kept showing footage of someone in China herding turkeys with a stick with a flag tied on it, which actually works very well. Herding turkeys in the dark however is very tedious, as they won't move voluntarily if they can't see where they are going.


Blogger farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

maybe they all needed night goggles :-)

12/05/2006 08:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is very cool...I am wondering the specific detail and procedure of processing. I have not found anyone willing to process my poultry and you make it sound...well, not so bad.
Do post the how to's of it all please Peter!

2/22/2007 02:03:00 PM  

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