Friday, December 01, 2006

Seamus Mansion

Seamus Mansion

Temporary Camper Barn

Drake and I finished up the roof on Seamus' Mansion about two weeks ago. I have to admit that it was about the scarriest roof I had ever been on. The uphill side of the house is about 20 feet to the ground, but the downhill side is all of 30 feet. Drake and I decided it was worth borrowing a bucket truck from a guy he knows so we didn't have to be so close to the edge of the roof. The other scary part was that the old roof seemed to be made of compost held in place with moss. Seamus fell through it up to his waist at one point.

Anyhow, this house was really nice at one point in history. It was built in 2 stages, the first being a pretty modest sized house with 2 rooms down and 2 up (which is the back part of the house in the picture. Later a much larger section was built on with 9 foot ceilings and a second stair case. It almost seems like it was a stagecoach stop or post office at one point. In any case, the last few decades were pretty cruel to this house. It had a steady stream of tenants who neglected and abused the place. It also had a barn that burned about 10 years ago. When the offer was made for Seamus to live there the other option was to burn the house down before it fell down. It is going to be a long road back from dilapidation but it is coming along. John and Marilyn, the people who own the house (they bought it after the ruination) have invested a fair amount of money into bringing it back into a habitable state, primarily because they were interested in preserving rural Susquehanna County, and to help an aspiring agrarian get onto some land on a long term basis.

Seamus will be running a market garden on this little farm, which will provide vegetables to some local restaurants and is planning to also make vegetables available at the on farm store we are working on at Clodhopper Farm. One of the restaurants is the Summerhouse Grill which Marilyn is the owner of. It is seasonal and is centered around using locally grown meat and vegetables.

Seamus calls this place Three Crows Farm.


Blogger sugarcreekfarm said...

I love it when people restore old homes, rather than demolish them. (Even when I'm cursing this old house of ours.)

12/03/2006 08:35:00 PM  

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