Sunday, August 13, 2006

Farm Store Construction Update

Knocking out the footers
Digging post holes

Drake and I began work on the store this weekend. I began getting things ready for Saturday a couple of days earlier by breaking holes through the cinder block walls and jackhammering out the "footers" (they actually only went a foot into the ground) where the posts were to go. It felt a little like a high stakes game of "Don't Break the Ice" but Drake assured me that it wasn't as perilous as it seemed. Then I ended up renting a little mini excavator to dig out the post holes, and ended up having enough time to dig the water line for the new poultry processing room (the doom room). Unfortunately the best route to a water source ran under the porch, so I ended up tearing up a porch floor I didn't feel like replacing just yet. These jobs seem to give birth to other jobs.

We worked on replacing the crumbling cinder block wall with 6x6 posts on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we were lucky to have friend Bill to help out (he was avoiding more mundane jobs at home), and by Sunday afternoon we had replaced one wall with 4 posts.

See next post for more pictures.


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