Friday, May 25, 2007


With a mere three weeks until we butcher the first batch of chickens of the year, it has suddenly become pretty crucial that I finish up construction of the store / processing room. I am fairly certain that I can at least get the butchering room finished up. I have a little bit of the ceiling to install and another wall of tile plus the grouting and caulking. I also need to hook up the water supply in the house cellar and hook up a few outlets, but then we should be good to go. Perhaps you may have noticed that the tiles I am using appear to be totally mismatched. When the Tile Hooligans put down the tile floor there were still enough of these left over tiles from several years of tile jobs to cover the walls in the processing room. The price was right (free) and they are so mixed up that I think it actually looks kind of good. Sort of like an abstract mosaic

It is good to have this early deadline because it is getting to the time of year when there is too much farm work to get done to have time or energy for construction projects.


Blogger jericho farmer said...

Looks great Peter! That looks like a whizbang plucker in the background. How does it work for you?


5/26/2007 11:53:00 PM  

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