Saturday, August 12, 2006

Clodhoppers in Paradise

Goose Bay at Sunrise
The Clodhoppers
The Skippers Krill

Our good friends Dave and Luke Krill (both eligible bachelors by the way) recently bought a property in Goose Bay, NY, which is right in the Thousand Islands. Then they figured they might as well have a motor boat to go along with it. Last weekend we went up with them and had a great time. Of course it is not that easy to just leave farm with livestock, but we are lucky because we have a guy like Seamus who can do chores, and good neighbors who can check to make sure I plugged a freezer back in when I realized halfway up there that I might not have, and chase pigs and turn electric fences on for me when I leave home without doing it.

So when we got up to Goose Bay Dave took us out in the boat, we dropped achor and went for a swim. I got a chance to try to perfect my back flip off of the boat. The next day we went over to Mary Island. The kids went fishing and then we swam for a while. On this island there is a couple of good places to jump into the water from. One of them is about 6 feet above the water and the other is about 20. Jumping off of a 20 foot cliff is pretty thrilling. Luke, Dave and I did it twice. That night we went into Alexandria Bay for pizza and ice cream, and to gawk at the $100,000+ boats. Then on Sunday we did some fishing off of the boat, and I got to drive the boat and see what she would do. I managed not to run it aground like Dave had the week before. It is a really nice spot up there, and I hope we can get up there at least once a year. Not in January though.


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We had a great time, too.


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