Friday, June 19, 2009

Muck Boot Endorsement

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Muck Boots Online
offering to send me a free pair of muck boots in exchange for a review on the blog and a link to their site. Their thought was to have some farmers with blogs put the boots through their paces and report back with their findings.

Being that we have had rain something like 19 of the last 28 days I have had plenty of muck and high wet grass to try them out in. Muck Boots have my ringing endorsement. They are quite comfortable (I have had them on all day most days since it has been so wet), and the treads are aggressive enough to keep me upright on the perilous chicken manure slick that is left after I move the pasture pens. The boots I got (The 15 inch Hoser model) have the top part made out of something that is stretchy enough to fit over my burly man gams, and breathable enough that they don't get very sweaty like boots that are rubber all the way to the top do. They really are nice.

All I can hope now is that the people at John Deere and New Holland aren't asleep at the switch. I would be open to giving a review on a tractor (70 horsepower or greater please) and a new hay mower. Or a cattle trailer. Really, I'm open to all offers.


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