Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hanibal the Animal

Our Australian Shepherd came in on three legs about a three weeks ago, and when I took a look at the unused foot there was something sticking out of it. My guess is that it was a porcupine quill. I tried pulling it out but wasn't able to. I made a vet appointment for him for later that day, but by that time he seemed to have it out and was going on all four again. Then a few days later it got infected, so I ended up taking him to the vet anyway. Doc was pretty certain that there was something in there causing the infection and ended up cutting the foot pretty much in half to get it out. Two days later we took the bandage off and Banjo had the stitches out 10 minutes later, so he went back to get re sutured. Then again 5 days after that.

Now we are just hoping the third time is a charm. He is on 10 days of crate and muzzle confinement. I am hoping he doesn't explode before them. Hearing me move the cows without him is just about killing him.


Anonymous Elaine H said...

How is Banjo doing? Did the foot heal properly??

6/06/2008 12:44:00 PM  

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