Thursday, March 27, 2008

Revolving Door

Two weeks ago my neighbor Dick and I loaded 13 hogs into a borrowed trailer (thanks, Stan), and took them over to a local butcher shop so that they could fulfill their role in the food chain. We sell our pork (as well as beef, chicken, and turkey) directly to the people who are going to eat it. After this pork is cut, wrapped, and frozen our customers pick it up at the slaughterhouse, take it home and put it in their freezers.

But now that last years pork has reached its final destination it is time to start the cycle over again. So on Wednesday I borrowed a truck (thanks Don), loaded the Greater Springville Community Calf Box in the back of it and headed to Brooklyn (PA, not NY) to pick up a dozen feeder pigs. Perhaps you have noticed a sub-theme here involving mostly borrowed equipment. A lot of the stuff I own seems to have organized a strike for better working conditions.

But anyway, the little pigs are settling in pretty well, and the barn is a little less lonely again.


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