Monday, June 19, 2006

H(ay) Day Invasion

We rent the farm across the road primarily to make hay on. With all of the machinery involved making hay over there has always seemed like a military invasion. I usually establish a beach head in the field right across the road, and from there we push further and further into the fields until we have conquered the whole farm. This afternoon I plan to take the hill. By the time we are done with hay the fields are all bare and the machines occupy the top of the hill. I am not sure why I tend to think of these things in militaristic terms, because ultimately I am pretty much a pacifist.


Anonymous Brad K. said...

The military aspect is probably cultural -- we have all seen movies and documentaries about the staggering amount of organization, planning, and material it takes to move a military unit.

Plus, unlike planning a family reunion, a school party, or craft show, a military operation also involves lots of dangerous, noisy-sounding, manly machines! And maybe the cost of mistakes can be so very high.

Play safely today.

6/19/2006 10:02:00 AM  

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