Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meet the Farmer

Last Thursday was the night for our "Meet the Farmer Dinner" at the Summerhouse Grill in Montrose (www.summerhousegrill.com). We shared the night with Sue Abbott who runs a CSA garden over in New Milford. It is always interesting to see what someone who can really cook can do with the ingredients we supply, and Thom and Justin made an incredible meal.

Our friend Marilyn Anthony started up the Summerhouse in refurbished carriage house up in Montrose about three years ago with the main goal of serving great food made as much from locally produced ingredients as possible. Having them in the area has been really good for a lot of the small farms in the area who are producing meat, vegetables, maple syrup, etc. In addition to selling our products to the restaurant, we also end up with new customers who first learned about us at the Summerhouse Grill.

But in addition to having a great meal, it is also kind of fun to be a "celebrity" for a night. We got a chance to shake a lot of hands and talk to a lot of people about Clodhopper Farm. I think there were about 60 people at the dinner. Afterward we ended up having a little jam session.