Monday, September 25, 2006

There's A Hole in the Clouds

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mud and Concrete

Trying to pull the mixer out of the mud.

Pouring the floor

Drake, Seamus, and I poured the concrete for the farm store and new evisceration station yesterday. We had the truck coming for 3:30 but it didn't get here until about 4:15. In order to avoid hauling the back third of the floor in wheelbarrows we decided to try and pull the truck across the front yard. As soon as the truck had all its wheels off the road it started to spin, and was soon dug in almost to the axles. The eternal optimists that we are, we thought that we ought to be able to tug it back out with my 1650 Oliver tractor. After all, we were only talking about 80,000 lbs of truck and concrete. The upshot is that I ended up taking about 3 years off the life of my tires and breaking the drawbar off of the tractor. We finally got the truck out with some strategically placed gravel. It turned out that the chutes on this truck could all but reach the back of the pour anyway. The only other mishap was having the back wall form blow out a little bit. It was a cool and misty evening and it took the concrete until about midnight to stiffen up enough to get out on and finish, but it turned out pretty well.