Monday, December 05, 2005

Saturday my friend Drake and I worked on a construction job he is doing in the morning. The house owners are raising their house up about 12 feet so that it will take a bigger flood next time to ruin their sofa. After noon we hooked his truck onto the stock trailer and went after the heifers I have been trying to get home for the last month. I ended up buying 10 of them and they all look pretty good. That will give us 18 to breed next summer. We are going to need to build another cowshed onto the barn for next winter. I would also like to build some sort of shed for the horses to use in the winter to eliminate having to clean out the old bank barn all winter with a pitchfork and wheelbarrow. We have all the other livestock onto a deep bedding system that only needs to be cleaned out once a year with the front end loader tractor. The bank barn is too low to let the bedding pack build up much or the horses start rubbing their backs on the ceiling. Its also too low to clean out with a machine. The plan for that barn is to put a cattle handling chute and short term holding pens into it.


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